Our weekly worship service is Sunday morning at 9:30. We have Reflection Time/Sunday School that runs concurrent with the service; children attend the first half of the service, then they may leave for classes. We celebrate Holy Communion on the first Sunday of each month. Come one, come all!


During the whole Advent season we’ll be digging into the concept and expression of Love.  We’ll find a multitude of ways to “Testify to Love.” We hope you feel loved, no matter who you are or where you are on life’s emotional journey.  See you in church


Renaissance Christmas:

as part of our worship service on December 9. The 2,000-year-old Christian commemoration has given rise to a body of art and music that is unequaled in the Western tradition.  From the simple folk songs and chants of the Middle Ages to the spectacular settings of the Catholic mass, the Christian story has inspired countless composers and musicians.  On December 9, we’ll explore some of the oldest music celebrating Christmas, with hymns and songs from as early as 800 A.D.  Guest guitarist Craig Dell will play lute music on the 10-string guitar, flutist Jane Herman will accompany the choir, and we’ll enjoy soloists and anthems with medieval harpsichord accompaniment.  We hope you can join us on the 9th for a brief excursion into our musical past.  —Carol Estes


Blue Christmas service

The Blue Christmas Service is a non-traditional service with candle-lighting and communion, especially for those who feel the blues during the Christmas season. Also known as the Longest Night Observance, this type of service is usually scheduled near the time of the winter solstice–the darkest day of the year.  Our service is a couple of days before the (Dec. 21) winter solstice, set for December 19 at 7pm in our sanctuary.  You are warmly invited to come if you are feeling blue for any reason, or if you would like to support with your presence those who are struggling with grief and depression.


Christmas Eve, December 24

we offer two services:  The 7 p.m. service is family oriented, with an opportunity for children to build a felt-board nativity scene.  The 10 p.m. service is more contemplative, with a Christmas story and Communion.  Both services include candles and carols.  Invite your friends!