Our weekly worship service is Sunday morning at 9:30. We have Reflection Time/Sunday School that runs concurrent with the service; children attend the first half of the service, then they may leave for classes. We celebrate Holy Communion on the first Sunday of each month. Come one, come all!


Youth Sunday:

May 12. Service led by our Youth Group.


All-Music Sunday:

June 2: All music Sunday is when the choir plans the service to focus on music as a way to hear and feel the divine.  There will be several choir pieces, amazing soloists and more!  It’s a festive service, a good opportunity to bring friends or family to try out EHCC!  A quote from the latest movie A Star Is Born sums it up.  “Music is essentially 12 notes between any octave.  12 notes and the octave repeats.  It’s essentially the same story told over and over.  All the artist can offer the world is how they see them (sic) notes. ”  To paraphrase the movie: I hope you will love how our choir, Carol Estes, our soloists, and I see the 12 notes in this all-music service!  —Alice Tawresey