Charter for Compassion

At our all congregational meeting in January, 2014 Eagle Harbor Congregational Church joined the Charter for Compassion, led by comparative religions scholar Karen Armstrong. As a member of this international network, EHCC has now adopted compassion as a core value. This means:

  • We believe all women, men and children are called to love and treat each other as brothers and sisters.
  • We encourage all governments, societies, neighborhoods and faith communities to adopt compassion as a guiding value.
  • We believe the degree to which compassion is reflected in their policies will result in proportional civility, prosperity and growth.

In furtherance of this commitment, we pledge ourselves to treat all life with kindness, civility, patience and love, and to encourage our civic communities to do likewise and to become partners of the Charter for Compassion.

Click Outreach to learn more about how EHCC enacts compassion.