Here are some of the ways EHCC, and you(!), help those in need:


July Caring Coins: Puget Sound Restoration Fund

Founded in 1997, PSRF works collaboratively to restore marine habitat, water quality, and native species in Puget Sound through tangible on-the-ground projects.  Their work to rebuild the populations of oysters, abalone and kelp are key to maintaining ecosystem health and represent iconic food resources that have supported  human health along this coast for thousands of years,

Current efforts to rebuild the Olympia oyster populations and restore native oyster habitat at 19 priority locations in Puget Sound has generated a groundswell of activity with tribes, industry, government, researchers and community groups.

We can support PSRF efforts to Restore, Renew and Recover a healthy ecosystem with our Caring Coins this month.  Your generosity is appreciated.

August Caring Coins: Project Backpack

Through community matching, partnerships and sponsorships Project Backpack at Helpline House has assisted close to 3,00 students since it began in 2000.  This program not only provides backpacks and supplies at the start of the school year, but continues to assist with other important education-related expenses throughout the year such as:

  • High school fees and graduation expenses
  • Fees for student enrichment, i.e. camp, music lessons, etc
  • Daycare assistance, especially summer programs
  • Reduces the burden of school expenses on already tight budgets

This year’s drive begins August 1st and continues through August 25th. We are “neighbors helping neighbors” with our financial support.  (Make checks payable to EHCC with PBP in memo line)  Thanks for your generosity!


Super Suppers

EHCC hosts IFC/Helpline House-sponsored Super Supper dinners the last five working days of the month.  Area churches take turns preparing the free meals for those in need.  For more information, contact Pat Johnson.  On the last Sunday of each month, EHCC now prepares a and shares a meal with area low-income folks. If you’d like to participate, and we heartily encourage you to, please contact Geri Parker.


Lunch at Mary’s Place and Dinner at Benedict House

Several times a year we prepare and serve lunch to homeless and low-income women and children at Mary’s Place in Seattle, and we prepare and serve dinner to the residents of Benedict House in Bremerton.  If you’re interested in helping–and we can always use help (!)–talk to Madelyn Fox or Jennifer Merrill.


Helpline House Donation

We’re asking all who able to donate, on a regular basis, to the Helpline House basket in the narthex.  Make it a habit, as you’re leaving for church, to bring an item to donate; those in need depend on us!

Always Needed: hearty soups, chilis and stews, canned fish and meats, canned beans, cereal, fruit and vegetable juice, coffee and tea


Island Volunteer Caregivers

—IVC Needs You!—

IVC is growing at a rapid rate and urgently needs volunteers to keep up with the demand!  An enticing thing about volunteering with IVC is that you do as much or as little as you like, and you choose the area of service that interests you the most.  If you are a person who likes to connect with others  and help out with tasks that enable people to live as independently as possible, then IVC may be perfect for you. One volunteer called it “the best volunteer gig around!” Interested? Please contact IVC at 842-4441 or e-mail Robin Gaphni at robin@ivcbainbridge.org


Clothing Donation Bin

Have you noticed the big blue bin in the EHCC front parking lot? We are now hosting a clothing donation bin for Northwest Center, a local 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization serving children and adults with disabilities. Reduce/reuse/recycle and support a good cause by dropping off your clean, gently used clothing and/or shoes in the big blue bin. You can even obtain a tax receipt for your donation by visiting the Northwest Center Web site. Northwest Center enjoys a long-standing relationship with Value Village who purchases the reusable items. Proceeds from the sale of these items goes directly back to NW Center as a means to fund their educational, intervention, enrichment, and after school programs designed specifically for special needs individuals all over the state of Washington. To learn more about Northwest Center, visit their Web site at www.nwcenter.org or www.BigBlueTruck.org.


Special Offerings

Approximately quarterly, we encourage your financial contribution to special offerings designated by the United Church of Christ.    To find out more about UCC offerings, click here: www.ucc.org.


Our Church’s Wider Mission

In the United Church of Christ, we affirm that, although the congregation is the fundamental unit of mission, mission is not just local. We are connected to one another, across boundaries of neighborhood, class, race, and national border. Our Church’s Wider Mission is the name we use to describe the work we do as the United Church of Christ beyond the local church–through our Conferences, national ministries, and UCC-related institutions. Our Church’s Wider Mission is also the name we give to the financial support given by UCC members and congregations that makes this broader mission possible. EHCC makes a substantial contribution to OCWM annually. To find out more, www.ucc.org


For more information on any of the above, please call the church office.  206-842-4657.