Youth Group

Youth Group, for those in grades 5 and up, is up and running: Sundays, 6:30-8pm here at EHCC.   Newcomers and friends always welcome!

Our Youth Group leader is Jessica Star Rockers. During most of January, Jessica will be attending seminary classes in Chicago; during the month youth groupers will meet in family homes, with regular meetings at our church resuming on February 4.

Here is a brief biography of Jessica:

First things first, yes that is my real name. It’s the one my parents gave me! I’m thrilled to be here at EHCC this year as a ministerial intern.

A little about me: I am in my final year of seminary at Meadville Lombard Theological School in Chicago and am a Learning Fellow with the Church of the Larger Fellowship, an online UU ministry based in Boston, MA.  My home congregation is Cedars UU Church right here on Bainbridge Island, where my family and I have been members for almost ten years. My son, Liam, is entering 4th grade at The Island School and my husband, William, makes the long commute to Seattle each day to work at Gilead Sciences. We’ve lived on Bainbridge since 2006 and love it.

Most recently, I spent a year as Intern Minister at Shoreline UU Church in Shoreline, WA and as a Chaplain Intern at Harborview Medical Center in Seattle. The focus of my ministry the last couple years has been on addiction recovery as well as indigenous rights, particularly how they intersect with environmental justice. I’ll be traveling to Nicaragua in the fall with the UU College of Social Justice to study the effect of gold mining on the indigenous community of the Yaoska River Basin. I have also worked with Chief Seattle Club in downtown Seattle and hope to continue my work this year with the Coast Salish peoples, supporting their efforts to protect our precious Puget Sound.

Thank you so much for welcoming me into your community. I look forward to worshipping with you, learning from you and sharing together this year. Many blessings!  —Jessica

When we’re together we:

Have Fun: Play games, do activities, have interesting conversations, celebrate festive occasions together…

Explore: We discuss all sorts of aspects of faith and Christianity (and other religions!) including how faith/religion affects our lives. We ask lots of questions; we don’t have all the answers.

Do Service: We help out at church and in the community: from church projects to befriending the elderly and shut-ins to volunteering with Helpline House and the Streets of Seattle…we care about the needs of others!

Worship: We pray and praise together.