EHCC Mission Statement and Priority

Mission Statement

  • We are:
  • God-Loving
  • Christ-Centered
  • Spirit-Led
  • People of Faith.

On our journey, we:

  • Humbly seek God’s truth together;
  • Welcome all seekers as Christ has welcomed us;
  • Open ourselves to the Spirit;
  • Join with other faith communities in a quest for harmony; and
  • Work together, reaching beyond ourselves to foster the Kin-dom of God on Earth.

Mission Priority

Eagle Harbor Church has named “Living Water” as a mission priority.  “Living Water” is a phrase Jesus uses in an encounter with a Samaritan woman in the Gospel of John.  This well-side meeting between culturally estranged individuals begins with the physical need for water and leads to deep conversation about the quest for truth and the development of a spiritual life.

We believe that Water is Life. We drink deeply of the physical water nourishing our bodies that comes to us as a gift of God, and imbibe the Living Water that blesses the spirit.

We are committed to: learning to be good stewards of our water resources on the island and in the Salish Sea; taking action to preserve and restore unsullied water; offering loving hospitality to those who need food, water and community; and gathering around the well of spiritual wisdom gifted to us, freely sharing with those who thirst for truth.

Watering Help Needed!  Please join us!  The newly-acquired Bainbridge Island Land Trust property, Shoreline Preserve, has a lot of recently planted native plants needing water this summer!   EHCC is setting up two crews of waterers: one for Monday evenings, and one for Thursday eveningsTraining provided; satisfaction guaranteed!  Please contact Elissa Kratzer (206-451-4698) or Jennifer (in the church office) with your questions and your interest-in-helping. 



Open and Affirming

At EHCC we aim to love one another as God has loved us and welcome one another as Christ has welcomed us. Therefore, we are an Open and Affirming church, loving and welcoming our sisters and brothers in all our racial, ethnic, and economic diversity, gender and sexual orientation, and physical and mental abilities.